Madness at the Olympics and a new chapter in the Hayne story

From the outerIT has been an absolutely hectic, action packed week in sport.

The Olympics have officially begun.

The sports themselves have been exciting, but the controversy and trouble everyone predicted would come outside of the sporting arena has reared its ugly head. The sort of violence seen outside of the arenas, stadiums and Olympic village wouldn’t look out of place in Grand Theft Auto.

On the other side of the world, Jarryd Hayne, who couldn’t manage to squirrel his way into the Olympics, has finally settled down and made a decision on his playing future.

Here’s a look at those two stories, From the Outer.

Jarryd Hayne: public enemy no. 1

After he left the Parramatta Eels to pursue one of his seemingly exhaustive list of life long dreams, Jarryd Hayne and the Eels were telling anyone that would listen that they had signed a lifetime agreement. This agreement assured Hayne would return to Parramatta if he were to ever come back to the NRL with his tail firmly tucked between his legs.

Wednesday proved the Eels’ life time agreement wasn’t worth the paper it was written on, as Hayne signed a two-year contract with the Gold Coast Titans.

Since then, residents all across western Sydney have been burning pictures, jersey’s and effigy’s of Hayne. He has been called a dog, a money hungry fat-cat, a devious swine and compared with the most treacherous swill of all time like Benedict Arnold, Judas and Christopher Skase.

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Surely Hayne will need more security than the American president if his Titans were to play the Eels in Parramatta at any time over the next two years?

Hayne has gone on to defend his decision to give the Eels the brush by claiming the Eels never offered him a deal! Unbelievable!

The Eels then came out and announced they had in fact tabled Hayne a formal offer.

Hayne countered and said, sure, they made me an offer, but only after I asked them for it!

As the old saying goes: if it smells like B.S. and looks like B.S., then it’s probably B.S.

The big winner from all of this are the Titans. They were left hanging after Cherry-Evans back-flipped last year. Since Hayne’s signature was announced there is a rumour Titans CEO Graham Annesley flew down to Sydney and drove past Cherry-Evans’ house, mooning him and beeping the horn. now has the Titans at $21 to take out the 2016 NRL Grand Final.

Rio 2016

The Olympics are upon us and they are proving to be the most exciting Games in modern history. Not because the opening ceremony – which was executed on a pensioner’s budget – was a colorful orgy of fun and costumes. And not because the competition for medals will be hotly contested. Not even because the Russian track and field team have been banned.


The Rio 2016 Olympics will be exciting for what happens off the field. The body count from the Olympics already stands at three, with one car jacker bumped off by a Russian diplomat, a mugger shot by police outside the Olympic village and another woman found murdered.

Add to that the half a dozen “controlled detonations” of homeless peoples backpacks, a media tent being peppered by bullets from a military grade assault rifle and countless thefts and armed robberies of athletes and officials alike.

With all of this violence, crime and uncertainty there is a train of thought regarding Michael Diamond. The AOC is not happy with the level of security and protection offered by Brazilian authorities. Olympic shooting medalist, Diamond, was found ineligible to be nominated for competition by the AOC after he was found guilty of drink driving and weapons charges earlier this year. However, there is now a train of thought that Diamond should be flown over to Rio, given a carton of Chivas Regal, a shot gun, a rifle, 1000 rounds of ammo and a perch outside the Aussie section of the Olympic village and told to protect the Aussies at all costs.

Diamond could be backed up by Australia’s first medal winners of the Rio Olympics: bronze archer team Taylor Worth, Alec Potts and Ryan Tyack.

Ahead of the men’s trap shooting, has Aussies Adam Vella at $15 and Mitchell Iles at $19 to win the event.

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