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One of the best reasons to place your sportsbook wagers online is the great value for your dollar. This is because of the great deposit bonuses and cash back rewards that give players a bigger bankroll to enjoy. 5Dimes has a very detailed promotions page, that is regularly updated with new offerings. Their support staff is also knowledgeable and friendly if bettors have questions about the  promotions. Some of the current bonuses offered by 5Dimes include:

Reduced Juice

Casual bettors who only place a minimum amount of bets during the year may not even recognize the term juice, much less how much it affects their wagers. Reduced juice over the year stands to save players more the more wagers they make. Regular players can save hundreds, but the serious bettors can save thousands.

One example of a normal straight wager is betting $110 hoping to win $100. A reduced juice on this same wager may be $105 hoping to win $100. While it may not seem like a few dollars matter, they add up in the long term. The best online sports bettors will shop around for the sites with the least juice. 5Dimes offered reduced juice on many different sporting events including: NFL, NBA, MLB, PGA, as well as Canadian major league games and other special events.

Deposit Rewards-

5Dimes also offers rewards on deposits. This means that when players deposit over a minimum amount in their account, they may qualify for a reload bonus.

The Free Play Reward requires players to deposit between $100 to $2,500. Players earn 20% of this deposit by placing wagers and “rolling over” the amount. The bonus is released into your account in 10% increments. These bonuses are manually credited, so bettors must contact support to request the bonus. In order to gain the most from their reload deposit, contact support directly after depositing before you make any wagers. Some bonuses also require a running balance in your account, as well as requiring the account to be consistently active.

There is also new player deposit award. With a first deposit of $100 up to $400, new bettors are eligible for a 50% deposit bonus up to a maximum of $200. However, for the big bettors, or the ones with deeper pockets, deposits from $400 up to $2,000 qualify for an extra 20%! The maximum bonus that players can recieve is $520 with the maximum deposit amount. Just like the reload bonus, this is manually credited, and bettors must roll over the deposit amount 10 times. Each time they have wagered the amount of the initial deposit, they are credited 10% of the deposit amount into their account.

Cash Back
5Dimes has a great cash back reward program where bettors can get rebates on their losses. Depending on how often they would like to request the rebates, they qualify for different percentages. 20% rebates are available 2 times a year. This cash out can only be requested within 2 weeks of both the first preseason NFL game and the Superbowl. For bettors who like cash back more often, there is a 15% rebate that can be requested every 30 calendar days. If you like weekly cash, your best bet is to request your rebate on a Tuesday, as you get 10% cash back, where any other day of the week nets you only 5%.

Players should choose in advance which rebate plan they prefer to use, as you may move down in percentages (From monthly to weekly) but you cannot move upwards (from monthly to twice a year). There are also restrictions banning rebate players from claiming other bonuses.

To get additional cash, bettors simply need to make a deposit of at least $50 within 24 hours of receiving their cash back rebate. Bettors may not make a withdrawal between the rebate and the deposit. The bonus is an additional 10% on top of their deposit, up to a maximum of $250.

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