With the growing popularity of online sports betting, nearly everyone is willing to try their hand at making good picks. But there are so many different kinds of wagers available, it can be difficult and overwhelming for new bettors to get the hang of the different terms. One of the most popular and most talked about types of wagers is Teasers. But what makes this type of bet so popular? What is a Teaser, and how can you profit from them?

Point Spread

The first thing there is to understand about sportsbetting, and teasers especially, is the point spread. Instead of simply wagering for Team A to win, a spread gives the bettor a little more leeway in the actual outcome of the game. For example, a sportsbook may offer a spread of 5 points on a specific game between Team A and Team B. Team A is favored to win, and Team B is the underdog.

If the bettor wagers on Team A (Favorite), in order for the wager to win, the final score minus the 5 point spread must be greater than Team B’s score. If the bettor wagers on Team B (Underdog), for his wager to win the final score plus the 5 point spread must be greater than Team A’s score. It is important to keep in mind that many point spreads will have a half point to reduce the likelihood of ties, although some sportsbooks will simply post “ties win” or “ties lose”.

What is a Teaser Bet?

A Teaser bet is a type of Parlay Bet. A Parlay bet is a collection of wagers that have an increased pay out. There can be up to 25 different wagers in the biggest Parlay bets. For the Parlay bet to win, all the individual wagers in it need to win. However, events that are cancelled, or there is a push or no action, it is simply removed from the wager. This does, however, mean that the payout goes down slightly. If you only have 2 wagers on your parlay and 1 wager is nulled, then it reverts to a straight wager.

Now that you know what the Parlay is, Teasers are easy to understand. 5Dimes offers a number of different Teaser bets. A Basic Teaser bet is simply adjusting the point spread to be more favorable to the bettor. For example, the 5 point spread from the example above with a 2 point teaser becomes a 3 point spread.

Open Teasers – Available online only, bettors can enter in open spots all at once, or later on, as long as the event they wish to add hasn’t yet begun. Bettors may only add events assuming that the first wager has not lost.

Progressive Teasers- These types of teasers have consolation winnings for losing wagers. However, to increase your payout, bettors must make a certain number of winning selections. Payout increases the more correct selections made.

Multi-Chance Teasers- Very similar to a Progressive Teaser, however the payout does not increase with winning selections. As long as bettors have the minimum required amount of correct selections, the ticket is a winner.

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Betting Teasers at 5Dimes

5Dimes offers a very wide selection of Teaser bets. The most complicated ones are only available to online wagering, however. Some of the options include Football (including NFL), Basketball, and more. Unlike some sportsbooks who only offer standard full game teasers, 5Dimes also offers First half and Second Half teasers as well. 5Dimes offers some of the best odds for online sportsbooks, as well as reduced juice offers and cash back promotions. This makes it easy to turn a great profit playing at 5Dimes online sportsbook.

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