Chilean lawmakers pass bill to ban betting advertising via sporting clubs

Chile betting laws pass first hurdle
Sports betting laws in Chile could soon outlaw gambling operators from advertising with sports clubs.

A bill prohibiting agreements between sports clubs and sports betting operators has been approved by the Chilean Chamber of Deputies and will now be passed to the Senate.

The bill, bulletin N°14.892-29, is focused on protecting sports from match-fixing and minors from online gambling by banning sports betting advertising, including clothing and stadium sponsorship, among other measures.

The bill also proposes to ban any direct or indirect relationships between those involved in sports organisations and online betting sites, with potential punishments for infractions.

The Chilean Chamber of Deputies passed in December last year a bill banning the advertisement of online betting operators during sports events and clubs of all disciplines “regardless of the means or support through which it is transmitted or published, and regardless of the time or event in which it is advertised or sponsored.”

Bulletin N°14.892-29 is seen by many as a continuation of efforts by the Chilean Legislature to regulate online sports betting and kerb the exposure of the public to sports betting’s incessant commercial messaging.

The bill will undergo a legislative review by the Senate, and it will then be presented to Parliament for debate and then voting.

Sports betting in Chile is very popular with football betting, tennis betting, basketball betting and horse racing having plenty of interest surrounding them.