Bookies with high deposit & bet limits

Many sportsbooks publicize their lowest lines, cheapest prices, and reduced juice. Less is more! Pinnacle offers lines starting at $.06 may appeal to the casual bettors, but there are serious gamblers who take their sportsbetting to the next level. When it comes to high stakes sportsbetting, it isn’t only about the thrill of a win, or the excitement of hitting a longshot. High stakes punters do their research, they’re familiar with the teams, the players, even take into account the weather and other factors.

How to choose a bookmaker

When a sportsbettor is looking to place high stakes wagers, they’re depending on the bookmaker they use to have good prices, reasonable fees, as well as trustworthy lines. A casual punter who lays $20 down on a wager on some sports may be annoyed or frustrated if the lines aren’t well put together, or if the bookmaker has restrictive minimum and maximum wager amounts.

Many sportsbooks have limits to minimize professional gamblers on their sites. This allows them to maintain control over the odds and margins. Even when wagering at a brick and mortar sportsbooks, there are wagering limits. However these sports books will at times offer higher limits to regular gamblers. These ‘whales’ become known to the staff and enjoy comps, fast service, and higher limits. When you enjoy the high stakes sportsbetting, you won’t find any old bookmaker an enjoyable place to wager. Many limit the amount, but there are some online sportsbooks who cater to the high stakes bettors.

The two best online bookmakers for high stakes wagering

  • Bookmaker
    This bookmaker prides itself on their catch phrase “where the line originates”. Bookmaker offers some of the best lines and odds because they have their own in-house handicappers. While other bookmakers will wait for others to post lines, or wait until Vegas posts their odds. Bookmaker creates their own odds.

    This allows them much more freedom to accept high limit wagers where other bookmakers may not have the margins to support those kinds of wins. Bookmaker offers limits up to $20,000 per game, and they have a great reputation for paying out wins without complaint. Smaller books may have limits on wins, which makes wagering larger amounts pointless- why wager if the limit means you cannot win more than a certain amount? If there’s a maximum payout that is less than you expect to win, you need to find a new sportsbook.

  • Pinnacle
    This bookmaker offers fantastic low-margin wagers and overnight lines. With such great low prices down to -104 all the earliest wagers allow players to get in the best prices and lines. These early wagers boost the income and margins allowing Pinnacle to offer sky high limits.

    These limits change, depending on the event. They also vary depending on the bettors who frequent the site. The more high stakes bets that come, the greater the bookmaker’s income, and the more easily they can afford to have high limits. Pinnacle caters to high limit sportsbetting, with easily viewable limits at all times, for all members.

    Pinnacle’s real claim to fame is they have no real limits. Players can wager some of the highest limits available online, and if those limits aren’t high enough, you can place multiple wagers. Bettors have the ability to wager as much as they can afford on sharp lines that allow Pinnacle’s low margin to bring enough profit to be able to offer such high limits.

United States Safest Online Bookmakers

Safest Online Bookmakers

#1 BetOnline

Fast Payouts

50% matched deposit up to USD $5,000

Available to residents of United States

The bookies' bookie

50% up to $1000

Available to residents of United States
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#3 Bovada

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Claim a 50% deposit bonus up to the value of USD $250

Available to residents of United States

Tips for high-stakes wagering

Any serious sportsbettor is already well aware that smaller books do not look favorably on professional level sportsbettors. For sportsbettors who prefer the high limit wagers, they should spend their time on sportsbooks who cater to them, which can afford the payouts. Both Pinnacle and Bookmaker have a reputation for fast payouts with no questions asked. If you won the bet, you win the cash!

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