Reduced Juice

Many sportsbooks will advertise a lower juice, or a reduce juice option. This is one way to draw in serious punters. Higher juice levels may not bother occasional bettors, but serious gamblers who regularly place wagers and high stake players with deep pockets both stand to benefit from reduced juice programs.

The Juice

What is Juice?

Some people may wonder, why reduced juice? What is juice anyway, and why is there any to begin with? Every business needs to make money to stay open, and sportsbooks are no exception. The juice is the small percentage of a commission that is taken on all wagers. This is sometimes situated as the commission paid in order to place a wager. This varies between sportsbooks, but some books are well known for their reduced juice lines. Both 5dimes and Pinnacle are great places to find reduced and low juice lines.

How does Reduced Juice improve your bottom line

If the juice is how the sportsbook makes their income, how can you benefit from reduced juice? They aren’t going to dip into their own profits, but anything to draw in more wagers is something sportsbooks will be interested in. These reduced juice lines aren’t only for the punters with the deep pockets. Everyone can benefit from lower juice books.

Traditional odds are -110, which means bettors risk $110 to win $100. Consider this full price. A 30% discount makes the odds -107. A 50% discount makes the odds -105. At 50%, bettors are risking $105 to win $100. But does that $5 difference really add up?

Yes, it does! At full price players need to win more often in order to break even. While it’s a very small difference in percentage, it adds up over time. Even a 1.5% difference in the amount of times you need to win in order to break even can add up very quickly, especially if you’re wagering often or large amounts. Making it easier to break even, which makes turning a profit that much easier.

The best sportsbetting sites for Reduced Juice Lines?

Some sportsbetting sites are better than others for reduced juice lines.

5Dimes offers reduced juice on Football, Basketball, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Golf, Boxing, MMA and more. These reduced juice offerings are considered promotional, and are typically only posted the day of the event. Shopping around is a great idea to find the best value, but 5dimes is known for their 10 cent overnight lines. Most of these offerings are online only- and options can be limited at times. For example, reduced juice bets are not available on parlays and if bets. These lines are updated frequently, so it’s best to continue checking back to find the best new lines.

Pinnacle boasts the best odds offered by any online bookmaker. They pride themselves on offering the lowest margins- averaging between 1.5% up to 2.5%. For bettors who are unfamiliar with how the margins work, Pinnacle is happy to teach bettors how the average sportsbetting margins work. This helps them not only find the best quality lines, but allows them to showcase their low margins. With all around affordable lines, including reduced juice lines of both -105 and -104 available, as well as lines starting as low as 6¢.

Is Reduced Juice worth it?

With all the time spent researching your wagers, finding low-cost bookmakers and setting up your sportsbetting accounts, some people may wonder if it’s worth their time to add yet another variable to their sports betting strategy.

Reduced Juice is very much worth the effort. While the percentage may add up very quickly and noticeably with larger wagers, even the smaller ones can benefit from the lower margins. At -105, it takes about 100 wagers in order to get one for “free”. This is “free” because of the savings made in that small percentage difference. One “free” wager may not seem like a lot, or worth your time, but every dollar can impact your bottom line. And for bettors who like to wager regularly, these “free” bets can add up quite fast.

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