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With all the online ewallets, some bettors may wonder why they should use old school money transfer methods. Western Union has a long history of great customer service and safe and secure money transfer methods. Whether you need to send emergency cash to a friend, or send money back home, Western Union has options. With a very recognizable brand and locations around the world, this old school money transfer service is convenient for nearly everyone. Safe Western Union betting sites for June, 2024 include:

United States Top Western Union betting sites

Top Western Union betting sites

Why use Western Union?

Some people may be confused as to why Western Union is such a great choice for online sports bettors. Why use the shop you can find in your local Walmart, when there are ewallets online that you can use your credit card at? Certainly if you prefer to make regular monthly deposits, or only the minimum deposits, these low-cost methods of fast transfers to betting sites can an option.

However, Western Union can be a great part of your sportsbetting money management system. Serious bettors who deposit large sums a few times a year will find the security and convenience of Western Union. Unfortunately it is not one of the cheapest methods available, although some sportsbooks will refund fees on large deposits. Many ewallets will have free, or very cheap deposit fees. So why pay the fees when there are free methods?

Convenience of Western Union

When people think of Western Union, the first thing that comes to mind is the locations they see in their local superstores, or in check cashing locations. Western Union has come quite far since then, and you can send money via Western Union not only in person but online via their website as well.

This digital transfer is nearly immediate, and the best part about it is the anonymity. Your preferred online sportsbook does not have your banking information, you don’t have to send in checks or worry about the security of using your online banking.

Bettors can feel secure knowing that the long standing reputation of Western Union will guarantee the safety and security of their information if they use the website. When using a walk-in location to send money, bettors get the security of knowing that none of their financial data is submitted online.

Who will get the best use out of Western Union

American players especially will love the simplicity of depositing to betting sites with Western Union. The funds will deposit immediately with little to no processing time. There’s no frustration trying to use your credit cards, and best of all, no balance to pay off with high credit card rates. This can be especially useful for bettors who either do not have a credit card, or simply do not want the responsibility or high interest rates offered by the biggest credit cards.

Using credit cards to deposit at online gambling sites can be frustrating, especially for US bettors. On top of that, if you are using an open wifi or a public computer there’s always the concern that your credit card or banking information will be stolen. Frequent deposits may take advantage of regular bonuses offered by some sportsbooks, but they also rack up extra fees and rollover requirements before you can withdraw.

For the serious sports bettor, or the high roller, using a secure deposit method that’s free of the high interest rates used by credit cards is the best option. These bettors can fund their account for the long term with one secure deposit.

This also makes it easy to balance your wagering budget by using only pre-allocated funds. A popular money management method is to do one large deposit at the beginning of your favorite sporting season, and one withdrawal at the end of the season. This allows bettors a very clear indicator of how much they have earned over the season, or how much they have lost.

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