Nascar Betting

Nascar is one of the world’s premiere motor racing organizations, and they have fans worldwide. Some of the biggest races  in the NASCAR circuit are so well known that they are household names, even to those who may not follow auto racing at all. For sports betting enthusiasts, the great popularity of these races make them a lucrative option to wager on, and for casual punters it adds a bit more excitement to watching your favorite game.


What is Nascar racing all about?

Some of the most popular races include the Indy 500, the Daytona 500, and the Coke Zero 4th of July event. They are watched worldwide, and the stands are sold out months in advance. And like many sporting events with this level of popularity, the sports betting industry that revolves around it is very lucrative.

Nearly all sports books will offer wagers on NASCAR races, as they are one of the biggest sporting events in the US. 5Dimes offers a great selection of wagers on not only the most popular and exciting NASCAR races, but all season long.

Best sportsbooks for Nascar racing

Every sports book offers a different selection of sports betting wagers, so bettors should check the sportsbook of their choice before wagering. 5Dimes offers a great variety, and has helpful and friendly staff able to answer any questions you may have.

However, the staff can’t help you make a wise wager. It’s important to remember that with so many more competitors on the field making a wager to win is that much more unlikely to win. Watch the odds, and do your research. The most important part of wagering on NASCAR is to have fun and stay within your budget.

5Dimes is one of the leading online sports books. With an easy to use site, it’s simple to place wagers and find information. It’s easy to find the information you need to place wagers, and 5Dimes offers affordable lines as well as great bonuses and fast payouts.

Bettors can take advantages of reduced juice lines, as well as sign up and reload bonuses regularly offered by 5Dimes. A wide variety of banking options make it easy to deposit and withdraw, as they support credit cards, check, instadebit, and more.

With a minimum bet of only $1, wagering is is affordable. Support is easy to reach, and with a simple and clean website, any information is simple to locate. The wide selection of wagers offered by 5Dimes may be overwhelming to new bettors, but it’s a haven for seasons sportsbettors who can find whatever lines they’re interested in.

Tips for betting on Nascar racing

Despite the popularity of NASCAR, those not familiar with sports betting or are new to punting may wonder what types of wagers are available besides the ubiquitous “win” bet. With the number of contenders in a typical NASCAR race, simply picking the winner out of the crowd can be a very difficult bet to win.

Some of the other types of NASCAR wagers available include:

  • Driver Match Bets –
    This wager is placed on who you think the winning driver will be. This can be a difficult wager to win, with Nascar racing often throwing up surprising results.
  • Prop Bets –
    These wagers are typically for fun and excitement. They count on the popularity of the race, and can be on absolutely any aspect of the race. Bettors can wager on how many cars, if any, crash. They can wager on how many cars complete the race, as well how long it will take before the safety car has to come out. These wagers are typical of the casual sports betting crowd and make watching the race exciting without worrying about who will win the race.
  • Pod Bets-
    These wagers are placed on what type car bettors think will win the race. This has a little better chance of winning than picking one specific driver.
  • Qualifying Bets –
    This wager is placed on two drivers, and bettors choose which of the two will complete the race first. Neither driver has to win the race in order for this bet to win.
  • Speed Row Bets-
    This is similar to a Qualifying Bet, however it typically has a selection of drivers, usually 5 or more.

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