Overnight Lines

One of the best reasons to use online sportsbooks is the convenience. The ability to place wagers no matter where you are, with your computer, iPad, and even mobile phone. Overnight lines also allow you to place these wagers when it is most convenient for you. What are overnight lines, and how do they affect your bottom line?

What are overnight line?

Like any business, the first to offer the product has a benefit over their competitors. All sports books will offer wagers before the games start- but not everyone is available during the day. Even with the wide selection of wagering methods, including mobile betting, sometimes getting online in time to get the best odds can be difficult.

So how do bookmakers compete? Overnight lines, sometimes called opening lines, are the best bet. These lines are often released late at night, or very early in the morning. A quick check of the computer before getting ready for work can mean finding the best odds- sometimes well before other bettors have had the chance to affect the odds.

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These lines are sometimes referred to as Virgin Lines. This is more common when they’re released at night, long before the other bookmaker’s lines have been released. They are free from influence, and a wily bettor will at times find very soft lines. Bookmaker is one of the best ones to find these untainted lines, as they use their own handicappers.

The pros of overnight lines:

One of the great benefits to overnight lines on a good sportsbook is how little influence other handicappers have on the odds. This makes it easy to find soft lines, and even now and then outright mistakes. Bookmaker proudly advertises their sportsbook as “where the line originates” thanks to their in-house handicappers.

Nearly all major sports have overnight lines released, and more often than not these early bettors get the best deals on their wagers. For serious gamblers, the early lines are typically the best long term choice. For bettors who do their research and can recognize the good deals. In fact, it is often these early bettors are typically the ones who direct the lines. While all serious bettors will shop around to find the best lines, there are times when early shopping really pays off. The popular games, or ones you can expect a lot of interest in are the ones you want to make sure to get in early.

The cons of overnight lines:

However, placing your wagers the night before the game, or even hours before can be detrimental as well. Quite a bit can change between the time you place your wager and game time. Odds can change, and other bookmakers may offer better deals a little later.

The biggest con to placing your wagers before anyone else is the possibility of important changes that will impact your wager. For example, if the team’s best player is out sick or on injury, you risk losing your wager that you may not have placed if you knew. In baseball overnight lines, if the starting pitcher is changed some bookmakers will go so far as to declare wagers No Action.

As will all forms of wagering, there is a great deal of risk involved. With some education and strategy, it is not impossible to use overnight lines to make some very profitable wagers

Tips to be successful betting overnight lines

Moreso than the average straight wagers, successfully betting on overnight lines takes research. Being familiar with the game, and the teams, can help bettors jump on the soft lines, and get the best deals. Odds and prices will change throughout the day, so jumping on a wager before public interest has inflated the price can stand to make players a good deal of cash.

But what can bettors do to make the most of these lines? Serious bettors will be used to watching the shifting lines before a big game waiting for the right moment to place their wager. The difference between a -125 and a -150 line may not seem worth the hassle, but for serious bettors every dollar adds up and can affect their bottom line.

Keeping an eye on game news, such as possible changes in lineup can have a big impact on the lines. A star player whose attendance is uncertain, or a pitcher who may be changed out are both great reasons to get on the overnight lines. However for outdoor games, even the weather is a factor to consider.

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