Canterbury get kicking lessons in The Week From the Outer

From the outer
NRL stars. You’ve got to love them.

They are the most psychotic, ill-behaved group of misfits to have ever been paid hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

Where else would you see a convicted spouse beater play alongside a convicted sexual assaulter, playing opposite a man who was suspended for simulating sex acts with a canine while urinating on a strangers couch?

But as per usual, this week has been chock full of NRL stars getting themselves in trouble.

Bulldogs need to remember what game they are playing

Canterbury Bulldogs coach Des Hasler needs to have a long sit down with his squad and really reiterate what game they are playing.

“We’re not playing soccer fellas!” He needs to scream. “We’re playing RUGBY LEAGUE!!”

This needs to happen because a large portion of the Bulldogs squad are clearly confused, because they keep kicking, or attempting to kick, other players.

2014 saw Josh Reynolds suspended for kicking Sam Thaiday in the head.

Two weeks ago Sam Kasiano was suspended for kicking Corey Parker in the face.

Now their captain James Graham is on report for attempting to kick Sam Burgess in the face.

Sure, the Canterbury faithful out there will be up in arms, crying foul, because Graham didn’t actually make contact and kick Burgess in the face. But there was intent. Graham lashed out in an attempt to sink the boot fair into Burgess’ money maker.

Hasler needs to get his team by the scruff of the neck and drum it in to them that their feet shouldn’t be used for anything but running. Sure, you can use your feet to kick the ball from time to time, but if someones head is in the way, then don’t try to kick! Simple as that. has the Bulldogs at $21 to win the 2016 Grand Final.

Andrew Fifita: FKI, WTF?

Cronulla Sharks’ Andrew Fifita has had a very up and down year. His form on the field and during the game has almost been unmatched. has Fifita at $41 to win the Clive Churchil medal this year, that’s how good a year he appears to be having.

Some say he is even a chance of taking out the Dally M award this year too.

But his year, and his entire career in general, has been marred by a spree of brain snaps and the sort of poor judgement you would expect from a crack head.

Fifita’s latest controversy comes in the form of supporting coward punch killer Kieran Loveridge with a message sprawled on his strapping “FKI” or “Free Kieran Loveridge”. Fifita boasted the lettering on his strapping during several matches this year. It is downright distasteful and stupid to publicly barrack for a coward punch killer, rubbing salt into the wound of the family of the man he killed, Thomas Kelly.

Last week Fifita was handed an official caution from NSW police for consorting with known criminals. This is just the latest in a perpetual string of on and off field incidents involving Fifita. On the field, Fifita plays like he’s in the grip of a ‘roid rage. Off the field he is much the same, having recently been involved in a road rage incident and threatening a referee at a junior rugby league match.

Fifita’s latest act is the very definition of bringing the game into disrepute. He is set to meet the NRL’s integrity unit this week in an effort to clear his name and laugh off this latest controversy as a horrible misunderstanding.

If the NRL integrity unit finds Fifita guilty and suspends him, then it couldn’t come at a worse time for the Cronulla Sharks, who find themselves in a form slump at the absolute worst time of the year. has the Sharks at $3 to make the NRL Grand Final and $6 to win the Grand Final.

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