Horse betting

Online horse race betting is exciting and when done well, very profitable. With online sportsbooks and racebooks getting more indepth, many of them will even offer live streaming of popular races.

Understanding horse betting

Punters who typically bet on other sports may find horse race betting difficult to get into. Many other sports will not offer parimutuel odds, so with how quickly the odds change it can be intimidating to uninitiated.

Horse race betting is simple once you get the hang of it. Before every race, handicappers will lay out odds. Every race will have a favorite, and most will have a long shot. However, every wager made will change the odds. Even a 40 to 1 long shot can end up the favorite with nearly even odds if the crowd places enough wagers picking it to win. Paying attention to a horse’s history, handicapper’s notes, and the quality of the track are all important to consider.

Betting Options

Online sports betting has made horse race wagering a very lucrative past time, as players can wager on events worldwide. 5 Dimes offers races at some of the biggest tracks: Belmont Stakes, Santa Anita, Churchill Downs, and more. Bettors aren’t restricted to only the most popular thoroughbred races either. Wagers are offered on Harness Racing, as well.

The biggest complaint against 5Dimes horse racing is while there are plenty of options for casual players and extremely low minimum bets, there is little available for the bettors with deeper pockets.


Thanks to online sports betting, bettors have access to even the most complicated bets with only a few mouse clicks, and can easily see how much the slip will cost, and how much they stand to win before submitting.

The 5 Dimes racebook offers traditional wagers like Win, Place, and Show. There are also exotic wagers offered. Exactas, Trifectas, and Superfectas. There are even options to choose these bets straight, or boxed.

How to Wager

Once you’ve chosen the track, the race, and the horses you wish to bet on, placing a wager at 5 Dimes is very easy. The menus are very easy to navigate, and bets can be placed on their website, as well as via telephone. There is even a Bet Tracker app available for bettors to track their wagers in real time.


Racebook Rebates allow players to earn up to 9% in cash rebates for all the wagers a player places online at tracks nationwide. These rebates are earned every day, on every wager, regardless if players win or lose. Unlike some rebate programs, there is no minimum volume of wagers required, and no cap on earnings.

The PLUS 10% bonus offers players an extra 10% on qualifying winning bets. On major tracks bets to Win and Exotic bets earn an extra 10% on winning bets. On other tracks the 10% is only earned on winning Win bets. (A Win bet is a wager on which horse comes in first place.)

Banking and Customer Service

5Dimes operates using USD, and banking options include Check, Click2Pay, E-Check, eWalletXpress, Gold-Pay, Instadebit, Money Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Visa, and Wire Transfer. If bettors have an questions, there are a number of ways to contact 5Dimes staff. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, support can be reached by telephone, email, and live chat. There are toll free numbers available as well.

Brad McGrath

About Brad McGrath (All Articles)

Brad McGrath

About Brad McGrath (All Articles)

Brad is a keen sports follower and punter. He REALLY loves the AFL, horse racing, winter sports and cricket and just loves the other sports. He grew up in the country where it was mandatory to play at least one football code and the choice was AFL. Brad is the executive editor of Race Media and has worked at various Fairfax publications as a reporter and editor.

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