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Rugby is one of the biggest international sports games. However, the betting for these games are one of the most underrated in online sportsbetting options. Rugby is played in over 30 countries worldwide, and watched in many, many more. Most popular in Europe and the South Pacific, Rugby has slowly garnered attention from international sportsbetting communities.

Betting on Rugby

The first thing sportsbettors new to rugby betting need to know is the different types of sports betting offered. Rugby is often compared to American football and sometimes even soccer. However, this isn’t exactly the case. There are a number of different leagues available for bettors to wager on, from Rugby League and Rugby Union. Rugby Union offers Test Rugby, Club Rugby, and Sevens Rugby. Rugby League offers National Rugby League, Super League Europe, Rugby League World Cup, and the State of Origin Series. The difference between Rugby Union and Rugby League may not be apparent to those who are new to the sport, but in the end the goal is to win the match.

Rugby terminology

Rugby is one of the most exciting contact sports. With little to no protective gear save a mouthguard and sometimes a helmet, these games can be brutal. The players are all extremely fit, as they spend the entire 80 minute game either jogging or running.

The goal of the Rugby game is to score a goal in the end zone. This is called a Try. A try is 5 points, and can be scored by any player on the team. When converted from a kick it’s worth an additional 2 points. Penalty Kicks and a kick through the uprights are both worth 3 points.

Betting on Rugby

Match Betting: This wager allows bettors to wager on either team in a match. These wagers sometimes offer lower odds at a handicap, and are by far the most popular wagering option. This is a simple and easy to understand wager, and bettors can wager on either team to win, or they can bet the match will turnout a draw.

Tryscorer Betting: This wager has a number of different options which include betting on multiple teams, as well as first, last, and anytime tryscorer. One option includes wagering which team will score the first try (goal).

Winning Margins: Unique to rugby sports betting, this wager allows punters to place a bet on the winning margin. This can include multiple teams, and multiple scenarios. These wagers typically offer some of the best odds available in online sports

Where to Bet on Rugby

Paddy Power is the the biggest bookmaker in Ireland, and one of the most prominent bookmakers in Europe. They are focused nearly exclusively on sports those regions, with an emphasis on football and racing. However, while Paddy Power may focus on European sports, they still offer a great selection of international sporting events to wager, including Rugby.

Paddy Power has a clean and easy to navigate website, with regular promotions and incentives. This makes them a great place to place wagers. Paddy Power has a long standing reputation for great service, good bonuses and fast payouts. They also offer a wide variety of banking options, which allow bettors the easiest access to their funds.

How to choose a rugby bookmaker

Like many sports available on Paddy Power, there’s a great selection available. Easy to navigate, bettors can choose from betting on the Outright Betting, Super League, the NRL, the Challenge Cup, the World Cup, Queensland Premiere Rugby, Heineken Cup, Lions Tour, Six Nations, and more. Depending on what is currently playing, the choices of games and teams to wager on vary. There are even future bets offered for bettors who want to bet on the 2015 World Cup!

With such a great selection of both Rugby League and Rugby Union, there’s something for every Rugby loving punter. With a solid, trustworthy and secure wagering platform as well as tools to help bettors make the most of their money, it’s no surprise how popular Paddy power is with not only the European sportsbettors. With a mobile app offered to make finding and placing wagers on the go quick and easy as well as a selection of other gaming options like bingo and poker makes Paddy Power a great place to unwind.

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Brad McGrath

About Brad McGrath (All Articles)

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